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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 at Hugh Sexey is made up of 5 tutor groups. We have 👇:


Mr May - Pastoral Head of Year - 5OM

Miss Parfitt - 5AP

Miss Maden - 5EM

Miss Harris - 5AH

Mrs Piggott -5JP


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Noah B, Ffion L and Flora S have created some lovely advertising posters for their favourite myths, magic and mayhem books.

Check out Flora S's Diary of a Wimpy Kid entry for last week's Reading Challenge!

Luna Y designed a Willy Wonka sweet wrapper for WBD

Flora S dressed up as Shelby Holmes from Shelby Holmes Meets Her Match

Tabitha T's favourite books are the Dork Diaries. She dressed up as her favourite 4 characters: Zoey, Mackenzie, Nicci and Chloe.

Sophia S dressed up as Gansta Granny for World Book Day. Check out her photos!

Check out Libby H's bookmarks for World Book Day

World Book Day 2021

Here is the Year 8 Team celebrating World Book Day

It's World Book Day! Here is Mrs Knight reading

Check out Jacob D's and Flora S's Reading Challenge entry!

😢 Worried about the return to school? 👍 Want to think through coming back in? 👀 Read this handy guide!

👀 ALERT: Story competition!

Flora S recited the poem Cats Sleep Anywhere for this week's Reading Challenge

Still image for this video

Sophia S recited an animal poem beautifully for her Reading Challenge

Still image for this video

Poppy R also did a beautiful reading of an animal poem for this week's Reading Challenge.

Still image for this video

Olivia F reads her an animal poem for the Reading Challenge.

Still image for this video

Libby H has recited a poem about animals beautifully for this week's Reading Challenge

Still image for this video

Libby H's Reading Challenge

Flora S has completed yet another Reading Challenge - what a star!

Flora S guessed correctly that this week's Reading Challenge was a pixie. Check out her amazing illustration from the description!

Sophia has created a batch of unicorn and rainbow cupcakes which look amazing! Well done for demonstrating excellent technical skills in piping and decorating using fondant icing.

Wow work (there's quite a lot of it about at the moment!)

Still image for this video
Tasked with explaining the orbit of the earth around the sun, here are just a few videos explaining just that!

Poppy's orbit film.mp4

Still image for this video

Olivia Fussell - Space Movie.mp4

Still image for this video

Henry O Orbit.mp4

Still image for this video

Izzy G.mp4

Still image for this video

Shreya, Libby H and Faye B have all demonstrated excellent skill in shaping and forming their scones! Well done

Shreya has demonstrated great skill in completing the rubbing-in-technique when making her apple and blueberry crumble! She has then served her crumble with custard! Delicious

Flora S has created another fabulous entry for this week's Reading Challenge; check out her poster on a book set in another world

Ethan.M has made a great batch of oaty energy cookies.

Ffion has made a lovely batch of blueberry scones. Well done for carefully following the recipe.

Grace has baked a lovely apple, redcurrant and blackberry crumble. Well done for demonstrating excellent completion of the rubbing-in technique.

Flora has worked independently to bake a fantastic batch of oaty energy cookies!

Olivia.F has worked independently to bake these fantastic Nutella and shortbread biscuits. Well done!

Khushi and Phoebe have been developing their food preparation and cooking skills by making a meal for their family. I think you'll agree these meals look very appetising!

Faye has baked a wonderful apple and raspberry crumble. This is a great dessert to have on a cold winter evening.

Finley L-T has baked a delicious chocolate brownie cake!

Phoebe has turned into quite the star baker by baking a variety of food products. She has demonstrated excellent baking skills and developed confidence in adapting recipes by using gluten free ingredients! Well done.

Bo U has redesigned the cover of her favourite book

Shreya created TWO book designs for this week's Reading Challenge - this one was done electronically.

Flora S (5OM) and Shreya B (5JC) have also entered this and last weeks' Reading Challenge.

Bo U in 5ILH, Sophia S in 5NR and Libby Halford in 5NR have redesigned the cover of their favourite book!

Jamie B (5NR) drew a super Hydra for this week's Reading Challenge!

Check out Sophia S's (5NR) interpretation of this week's Reading Challenge

Well done Flora - your Reading Challenge picture of the Hydra is superb!

yesSee the link below for if you need to take an Accelerated reading quiz!yes

See link below for tips on maintaining calm.

Times tables


We are in the process of compiling a list of useful websites/apps for times tables, as we would like to raise the profile in Year 5. More will be added as we receive recommendations from pupils, teachers and parents.


At the moment we would recommend:


Hit the Button - this is a free web based game for all levels of multiplication and division. 

Sumdog - this is a free web based game that requires a parent to set it up with a simple free account.


You can play and learn at the same time - even if it's just 5 minutes before school!