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Careers Education Program

At HSMS we subscribe to the Jigsaw PSHE framework, a nationally recognised curriculum resource, which helps support the the delivery of high quality, ambitious and consistent teaching and learning across a range of SMSC themes and which is aligned with the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Each year group at HSMS spends a term exploring themes, knowledge and skills related to Careers Education in a unit called 'Dreams and Goals'.   



Celebrating our Gatsby Benchmark Appraisal Progress- Autumn 2023

How does our SoL help meet the Gatsby Benchmarks?

What are the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks? How does the NEW CDI Framework guide our Careers Curriclum?

Teachers/ Curriculum

Our PSHE / Careers and Citizenship Curriculum, ensures that the key skills and essential knowledge we have identified permeate our curriculum from year 5 to year 8, allowing our pupils to make links in their learning as well as develop the ability to think more deeply about what they are learning. In this respect, pupils’ learning is meaningful and purposeful, and designed in a range of contexts, which offer breadth and variety to their learning.

All teachers are working to include careers into the curriculum, and are encouraged to implement some of the strategies the below:

  • have a prominent display that links subject learning and skill development to different careers
  • develop links with businesses and organisations
  • to invite alumni and other external speakers to come into school (virtually where an actual visit is not feasible)
  • where appropriate to organise external to local businesses/organisations
  • record careers learning opportunities for students in schemes of learning
  • take part in whole school ‘Futures Challenge Days’ to lead or facilitate activities that further develop employability skills or focus on career routes and opportunities
  • explore the possibility of developing real projects/challenges for students with a local business or organisation
  • consider the needs and interests of all students and ensure that information challenges stereotyping including gender and disability


Staff have access to a wide range of resources to teach careers in curriculum on the school Teams site, where knowledge and best practice are shared