Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Learn To Lindy Hop In A Day (fwd/back, popout, promenade, circle, charleston, dip)

One for those who are looking to get M7 and above. How to fill the 8 counts with forward, backwards and circle movement. Notice how it is not always dramatic but they are always swinging to the rhythm and reacting to each other.

Hand Jive Ideas

This dance provides some extension ideas on the hand jives you can use in the independent task. Notice the way their hips swing in time to the music whilst the hand display the actions. To be S3 and above you must show action in time to music. To be M7 and above the actions and gestures have to be clear and expressive.

An Example of Mastering in the group/partner phase of the Rock and Roll/Jive Dance

Use this resource to consider and practice steps that can be used in the independent stages of the Rock and Roll dance. Notice their gestures, travel and turns. Both would be classed as 6 Mastering 9. However you may notice that the professional (Giovanni) has more precise hand and foot placement and his actions are more pronounced.