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Year 8 PSHE

This term we have been looking at the theme of Health and Wellbeing. We have been studying Drugs, their impact on the body and discussing reasons why taking drugs is harmful. 

In the event of remote learning please choose one of the tasks outlined below: the task should take you an hour to complete. 


Choose one task. 

1. Design a leaflet which describes the harmful effects of taking illegal drugs. 

2. Design an information leaflet which looks closely at one of the drugs we have studied. It must contain information about the appearance of the drug, the classification  of the drug , the effect on the mind and the body and names that are used in the naming of the drug. eg Cannabis can also be known as weed. 

3. Prepare a power-point on the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. 

4. Write a speech on the harmful effects of drinking too much alcohol. Your audience is a year 8 tutor group.

5. Write a story about a teenager who finds their life has changed because of smoking.

6 write a rap or poem on the negative affects of drugs. 


Some of you will think...we did this in class. Choose another task which id different from the one you presented in class. If you have a good idea about an alternative method of sharing infromation. Please email Mrs. Allen. 

Year 8 PSHE

Remote learning: Health and Wellbeing ;Body Image. 

In the second half of the winter term, we are looking at the body and the media and how it effects our self esteem. Please choose one task, which should take an hour, to complete. Before you start, have a go at this post it exercise. 

Understand what mental health is and how it can affect us. To consider ways to look after your mental health

Use post it stickers.  Write any questions\myths\ what they think of as mental health.. send your post it pictures to Mrs. Allen. 

Tasks: choose one. 

1. What is self-esteem? Write the definition on your paper. In which ways can your self esteem be made to feel bad \feel good. Eg. When I see a photo in the media , it makes me feel like I am lacking.  

2. Select two photos- one of a teenage boy and one of a girl. They may be images you have seen from a magazine, the internet or the newspaper. Stick it on a piece of A4. Annotate (label) all the ways in which the image suggests we should look. eg. our hair should be beautifully straight and shiny. Our tummies should be flat. Are these images stereotypes of what the media thinks we should all look like? How do these images make you feel? 

3. Make a well being jar. Fill up the jar with images, comments, poems, songs, photos, or favourite sayings that help you to feel good about yourself. Maybe before you fill the jar, take a photo and send it to Mrs. Allen. Each day, especially when you feel a bit down in the dumps, take one item from the jar-building up your own self esteem.  eg. An image of your favourite food. Mrs. Allen's is smoked salmon. One of her favourite phrases is Smile and the world smiles with you and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Try to fill the jar.