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Les Parties du Corps - parts of the body



How many parts of the body can you remember in French?

Match these French and English words:


1) La tête

2) La jambe

3) Le genou

4) Le pied

5) Le bras


a) the foot

b) the knee

c) the leg

d) the arm

e) the head



Watch the video and make a list in English of all the body parts in this song.

Then play it again and find out what they are called in French!

Les Parties du Corps - Alain le Lait (French body parts)

Des os, des os - Bones, bones!


Label a picture of a pet, a person or a toy.

You could draw a picture or take a photo, like the example below.


Title: Les Parties du Corps (parts of the body)


You can use the online dictionary to look up any words you don't know! 

Please email your picture to for Mr. Goodwin or I to look at!


Voici Monsieur Phacochère! (Mr. Warthog)



Here is a great example from last year!

...and a great example from this year! Merci, Katie! smiley

Merci Evan! This one has some extra vocabulary too :-)

A nice bright picture from Anjali, including some extra vocabulary smiley