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Design Technology

Hello Year 5,


Here are some fun DT activities to help you further develop your cooking skills in Food and Nutrition, designing and making skills. Please can you email Miss Latti - a copy of completed tasks or a photograph of any food products you bake at home.


For those of you looking to challenge yourself have a look at the challenge activities at the bottom of the page.


Take care of yourself and loved ones smiley

Work to be completed after February half term

Hello Year 5,

This term we will be working on a new unit of work in DT called the Glider Challenge.

Project brief: You have been asked to design, build and test a foamboard model glider that can fly the furthest possible distance. You will learn how to create a symmetrical ancient Greek design that can be applied onto the glider to demonstrate creativity. The aim is to create a glider that flies the longest distance which also has the most creative design.


This term we will focus on the designing and theory of how gliders fly. Upon your return back to school we we will make the glider using the material foamboard.


If you do not have access to a printer tasks can be completed on plain or lined paper.

Lesson 2 - Combine your initial design ideas to create one final design. Apply colour to your design using the shading technique and annotate (label) your design to explain the material choice and function (what it must be able to do).

Stretch and Challenge:

Have a go at further extending your theory knowledge and creativity in Food and Nutrition or engineering skills in DT by completing one task a week from the activity sheet below. smiley