Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Check and correct your own answers

TASK 4: 



a) a house (1 point)

b) in a village (1)

c) in Cheddar (1)

d) with family (1)

BONUS - it's super! (1)



a) a flat (1 point)

b) in a city (1)

c) in Bristol (1)

d) with his dog

BONUS - it is a SMALL flat (1) and the dog is called Dino (1, even if it's not spelled quite right)



a) a caravan

b) by the sea

c) in Weston

d) with sister

BONUS - loves the caravan (1 point) because it's confortable (1)



a) a castle/mansion (1 point)

b) in a city (1)

c) in Bath (1)

d) with mother and father (2)

BONUS - it's a BIG castle (1 point) and MAGNIFICENT (1)



a) a farm

b) in the countryside

c) in Somerset

d) with family

BONUS - in the south west (1) of England (1) and loves animals (1) and the countryside is beautiful (1)