Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 7 PSHE

Session one. 

This term we have looked at the theme of Health and Wellbeing.

The main area that we looked at was FIRST AID. 

Please choose one  task to complete. It should take an hour to complete. 


First Aid Tasks. Choose one. 

1. Prepare a Power-point. The title is The Contents of a first aid box. 

2. Prepare a talk on Asthma   This could include what asthma is, how to look after someone who is having an asthma attack and the symptoms. 

3. Draw a diagram of the  human respiratory system. This must be clearly labelled , the intended audience is a year 7 class. Bonus points if you could include any conditions which affect the respiratory system.

4. Design a leaflet which explains the importance of first aid. The Red cross has excellent websites. 

In the second half of this term the year sevens will continue to look at their Health and Well-being. The topics will cover digital well being, mis-use of smoking and alcohol.

In the first instance, look at the attached power-point which examines our digital well-being and ways in which  the internet can be a positive influence on our mental health. Once you have watched this and attempted some of the tasks, complete the task below.


List the ways in which teenagers use the internet. Highlight the ways which are positive. eg Using google to find out dates for a history test.

Have you listed any ways that you use the internet  which you have not highlighted.  eg using social media to tease another person. 

What is cyber-bullying? Can you imagine the effect that cyber-bullying might have on a teenager's mental health and how happy they might feel? 

Design a poster for year sevens which states Stay safe online...

Send your ideas to Mrs. Allen.