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Friday March 5th 

Taking a break from the scheme of learning I thought you might like to think about the positive aspects of our imminent return to school. The school has seemed very empty without you and it will be lovely to welcome you back. 

Here are some aspects to contemplate if you are a little anxious. 

Everyone has had different  experiences in Lockdown. No One person will feel the same. It is important to think about this as we start learning in the classroom again. 

Some of your friends and classmates will be feeling very nervous. Some people have more resilience-this means that they can cope well in difficult situations- The Key is to ask if you are feeling unsure and talk to someone if you feel too stressed. 

Many of you have missed seeing your friends. Just think how much news you'll have to share. You'll be able to play games and gossip on the playground at break and lunch. But remember the classroom is for learning. 

There is  little change from the rules before Christmas- washing hands, social distance and sanitizing.

Sport is coming back... Exercise is fantastic for your mental health and well being.  Get Involved and make sure fresh air is part of your daily life. 



smiley Quiz time.

1. The name of the site manager.

2. The name of the head of year 5 . 

3. The name of the canteen. 

4. Who is the head of maths?

5. The name of one of the ladies that work in the POD? 

6. Where do you line up before your PE\GAMES lessons?

7. Where do I go to in school if I hurt my arm?

8. What room is directly adjacent to  MFL 1? 

9. What is your second lesson on Monday?

10. What are the three science teachers called? 



Answers when you come back.... (note question 9 will be different for all of you ) 

Friday 26th February. 


It might seem a long way off but it is always a good idea to start thinking about what careers are out there and which of these might interest you. Today is an introduction to the theme. 

There are a number of activities on the Power- Point. 


As always, send me any questions or thoughts... 


Mrs. Allen





Friday 12th February 

Thank you for any work you have submitted to me this term 

Have a great half term 

Today is a Valentines theme 

Design a ❤️ You can draw it or paint it and then decide who you want to share your love with. Once it is complete either display or send it to me to display . 
There are many folk we will want to share love with in these difficult Times .



Friday 5th February Challenging the Bullies.

Hello Everyone....I hope you have had a happy week and managed to take part in some of the activities suggested in Mental Heath Awareness Week.

This week, if were in school, we would be talking about any relevant concerns regards bullying as part of out topic-relationships.  As we are not in school , we will look at cyber bullying . This also ties in with "Safer Internet day " which is on Tuesday 9th February.

Protect Yourself Rules - Cyber Bullying

Protect Yourself Rules

A fun activity to help yu understand some of the terms of cyberbulying.

Scenarios based on internet bullying

January 29th 2021 Hello everyone . This week we are taking a break from our work on relationships as it is children's mental health week next week. There will be a number of activities to help stimulate you and focus in on your mental health. In the meantime, here is a poem to get you feeling positive about today. 



Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery 

and today is a gift. 

That is why it is called the present. 

The Theme of Mental Health Awareness week is 

                                                  EXPRESS YOURSELF

Why does finding healthy ways to express yourself matter? Finding healthy ways to express yourself creatively is one way to look after your mental health. When we are able to find creative ways of expressing our thoughts , feelings and ideas this can make us feel good especially through challenging times. 

Inspirational poem from George the Poet | Impossible by George the Poet | Short Film | Random Acts

Acclaimed artist George The Poet presents Impossible, a spoken word piece about self-belief in the face of personal battles and doubtful outsiders.#RandomAct...

                                                   So Explore YOUR CEATIVITY...



  • Try a two minute challenge-what can you create in two minutes? A drawing, poem etc. 


  • Find a pen and paper. Ask someone else to draw a squiggle -your task is to make it look like something else or just an expression of how you are feeling. 


  • Try the "attitude to gratitude" challenge. Every day think of one aspect of your life that you are thankful for and try doing it for a month. I tried it with 8KA today and we met each others' pets and heard about food we have enjoyed. 


  • Are you musical? Can you express yourself through music? 


  • Can you bake? What meal could you create which would make you feel better. If you haven't got access to the kitchen imagine it and draw it or make a model or design it on your devices.


  • I love Poems.... any words that make you feel good ?can you make them into a poem?


Please remember it's not a competition .

The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

For more activities ideas visit

What is creative wellbeing?

What is creative wellbeing? What kind of meanings arts and culture can create in promoting health and wellbeing? The video is produced by Taikusydän - The He...

Friday January 22nd.

Today we are going to look at the different kinds of relationships that people have today.

Thank you to those of you who sent me your family values. It was very interesting to read what is important to you and your families. 



List all the different relationships that people share in today's society?  

Task 1. 

It is important to remember that we are all individual. What might be an important relationship to one person might not be so for another. 


In your replies to the lesson on family values many of you used the word 



All relationships work well if we respect each other and each other's point of view. 


Task 1. If we were in class we would be discussing the many different types of relationships in today's society. Hopefully in your tutor sessions you might have an opportunity to do so. 

Have a look at these three pictures. Answer three questions for each picture. 

1. Why is this relationship important?

2. Can you see any difficulties that might affect this relationship?

3. What does the picture make you think about the important relationships in your life? 

I appreciate we are glossing over the many different relationships that there are in today's world: 

Look at the list you made at the start of the lesson: Did you write some of these ideas? You could discuss these relationships with your families --please feel free to share your ideas.. 

  • A relationship between siblings\step brothers and sisters?\ step mum or dad\ foster parents\parents
  • Loving relationships between men/women/transgender
  • The relationship shared by people of the same faith
  • Teams -sports teams/ school teams/ internet communities/
  • Multi cultural relationship
  • Colleagues
  • The older generation and their carers
  • Friends/ close friends/so called friends
  • Pets and US 


Every relationship is important. 


Friday January 15th period 5 

 Hello Year 7 Thank you for sharing your important relationships with me. Many of you will consider your Family the most important people in your life and this week our lesson objective to understand family relationships in 2020 .

Family's lockdown adaptation of Les Misérables song goes viral

A family from Kent who shared a video of their living room performance of a lockdown-themed adaptation of a Les Misérables .

Pupil's response Friday 15th Jan

Leaning about the importance of families.

Task 1. Watch the You tube clip. It shows one family in Kent working together as a family in Lockdown to sing a song from the musical Les Miserables.

What does is tell you about this family?

What activities \games/new ventures have you shared as a family? (in Lockdown and before) 

Why is it important that we share time with our family?


Task 2 What is your definition of the word FAMILY? 

2 dictionary definitions i have found:

1. A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.

2. All the descendants of a common ancestor.


Do you agree? 

How about older grandparents that live as a unit without children? Or Partners living together with no children? 

Maybe it is more important to look at the words, "family values" These could be defined as

"the moral and traditional upheld values  passed on within a family such as fidelity, honesty, truth and love. "

Make a list of your family values.

And Finally...

Task 3

What happens when families disagree or do not get along? How well do you cope with this? 

Happy New Year 


This is a verse from the Bible. It is often read at weddings. 


It also introduces our topic for this half term.


Relationships: Families, friendships, negative relationships and prejudice, 


And also this half term the impact of the Lockdown on our relationships. 

PSHE is timetabled on a Friday afternoon.

Please send any work or projects to

Friday 8th January. Lesson One Relationships -an introduction. 

Starter - List all the relationships\connections  that you have. Close relationships; not so close; important ones; positive ones; not so positive; any one with whom you have what you might call a "relationship" with....(maybe you might include your favourite musician or Tv star?) 


Here's an example from my life: daughter, partner, dad, brother, sister, cousins, best friend, friends, colleagues, neighbour, my headteacher, Doctor, office staff, pupils, sporting team mates,  (musicians) shop assistants. 


Have a good look at the list you have written. Draw \or find an image of one of your favorite people from your  list. Highlight all the reasons you have such a good relationship with this person. 


This is my father. He is without doubt one of the most amazing people I have ever met and he has always had a incredibly positive impact on my life. What makes him so importat to me? 

He is always kind, he is always interested, I love his knowledge and his sense of humour, He encourages me now and when I was a little girl. He is aways thankful and never puts himself first 


Your turn.. 


Task 2. Why do relationships break down? 

Have a look at the list you wrote in the starter activity. Maybe some of the relationships you have mentioned are not so positive. 

Can you think of reasons that relationships don't always work?

  • lack of trust
  • dishonesty
  • lack of compassion and understanding
  • lack of knowledge
  • prejudice
  • lack of care 
  • lack of time
  • Judgemental...


Can you think of your own examples. 


What do you do when relationships don't work as you would like. 


We are going to be promoting positive relationships  this half term...both in our own community and looking at traditions and cultures in other countries and communities.