Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Petit Déjeuner


Complete worksheet on Typical French Breakfast, and the crossword.

Find the words in the box in the text and underline them. use them to help you answer the questions in English.

Une salade de fruits; use the word list to create a fruit salad, a shopping list so you can make your salad, and a conversation for when you go to the market!

Le Déjeuner; two sheets on what you might eat for lunch.

J'aime les frites! Write a speech on what foods you like/dislike. Remember to write the correct article after your opinion. eg J'aime le chocolat, je déteste les haricots.

If you have completed all the above tasks, watch the video, linked below, and have a go at the worksheet on partitive articles underneath. The partitive article is basically the word for some!

French Partitive Articles: du, de la, des, de l', de, d'

Alexa teaches you about the French Partitive Articles du, de la, des, de and l' and when they change to de and d'. SUPPORT GUIDE and EXCLUSIVE VIDS at ► http...