Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve


L'OBJECTIF: I can say why I have items in my suitcase, using opinions, weather phrases and the future tense.


Revise the items from last many can you remember in 2 minutes?


a tee-shirt

a (pair of) shorts

a hat

my mobile phone

a tourist guide

a swimming costume

a dress

some sun cream

a towel

some headphones

TASK 2: Can you remember how to say what isn't in your case? There are two ways. This song might remind you of one of them!

Est-ce que tu as des frères?.m4v

So how would you say 'I haven't got a towel'?

TASK 3: Parlez


Make positive and negative sentences for the following pictures..


eg. Dans ma valise il y a une serviette, mais je n'ai pas de maillot de bain.


Match these reasons to your sentences...


...parce qu'il fait chaud en Espagne.

...parce que je ne vais pas écrire des cartes postales.

...parce que je ne vais pas à l'étranger.

Add four more things you have, and haven't got, in your case, and give reasons.