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Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire, QUAND il pleut? - Revising the weather

Saying what the weather is like in different countries...


Au Canada il neige et il gèle.

En France il fait beau, et il y a du soleil.

Aux États-Unis il y a du vent et il pleut.


Can you think of a rule to say how you say 'in' before a country?


au       en      aux


Write the following in French.

1. In my suitcase there is a swimming costume, because, in Spain, it is hot.

2. I don't have a jumper in my suitcase, because, in Portugal, it is nice.

3. I am going to do skiing, when it is snowing in Switzerland.

4. We are going to sunbathe, because, in Italy, it is sunny. But when it rains, we are going to visit the monuments. It's really fantastic!


Write four more similar sentences for yourself.