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Career Pilot for pupils, parents and carers

Exploring future learning and career options using Career Pilot


In January, perceeding the deadline for pupils to submit their KS4 Options, Year 8 pupils are introduced to a fantastic website resource called Career Pilot.  This website has been developed by the Western Vocational Progression Consortium, which is a consortium of universities and colleges in the South of England. The WVPC aims to increase the progression of adults and young people to higher level study through providing online, impartial information and support about all progression routes. Online support is provided through two, free to use websites:

Partners provide joint funding for the sites through a subscription model

Schools outside the free access area can pay their own subscriptions to access all Careerpilot Zones.

The WVPC is hosted at the University of Bath.


Pupils will be provided with in school support to learn how to register and explore the features of the website, and led through a structured lesson to find out more about their own skils, interests and the directions these might take them into their next phase of education and beyond.  Pupils will continue to have access to the site and its resources throughout their time in secondary education and into Futher/Higher Education and employement.


Parents and carers are invited to explore the site through the dedicated 'Parents Zone'



Introductory lesson for Career Pilot - registration and exploration pupil guide