Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

After-school revision group

This group is intended as an opportunity to develop your confidence, and fill gaps.

We will direct you to resources and activities for you to do.

We would also like you to decide which aspects of the language you most need to work on.

You are responsible for making the most of the sessions!


Bon Courage!



TASK 1 - talking about yourself

Quick Quiz


Write 1-14

Write the French for each of these key phrases:


  1. I am called
  2. I like
  3. I love
  4. I don't like
  5. I hate
  6. I prefer
  7. I am going / I go
  8. I would like
  9. I am 
  10. I have
  11. I live
  12. I eat
  13. I do
  14. I play


TASK 2: Back to Basics!

Write an introduction to yourself, giving your name, age, birthday, pets, siblings, likes and dislikes etc. About 40 words.


You can visit and work through this webpage to revise these phrases!

It will open in a separate window.



How did you do on the weather in the year 8 exam?

Revise it here... it will open in a new window.

TASK 4: Language apps to help you learn and revise

Click here to sign up to the Duolingo app to use at home: Duolingo

Click here to sign up to the Quizlet site to revise vocabulary (there are some vocab sets to do here under MMEKENDALL, but we will set some when you are all signed up)


Make a note of your username and password. You can sign up using your school email address.