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Back to School March 2021

Reopening brings a new menu and as part of our continuous improvement and in a bid to speed the LUNCH service up, we are investing in Biometric technology which will come into effect from September 2020. The Biometric system means that pupils present their finger to a pad which is then matched with a unique digital signature held in the database and their LUNCH account is charged.


To combat COVID-19, we have a sanitising hand station at the entrance to the kitchen for use by pupils, a screen between staff taking payment and pupils plus wipes next to the biometric reader.


Pupils must be opted - IN to use the biometric system. A letter was sent to parents on 15th June 2020 and is attached below if mislaid, it contains a form to opt your child in, please return to 


Pupils who have not been opted in will continue to use the ID card reader.



Fingerprint Recognition

When a person registers their fingerprint in IDStore, no image is saved. Instead approximately 40 to 60 minutia points are recorded – minutia points are the location and direction of where a ridge ends or splits in two. The rest of the information from the fingerprint is discarded.
The information used is encrypted and called a template. The data is extremely secure in its encrypted form, but even if it were not encrypted it is impossible to recreate the original image of the finger from this data. The IDStore system only stores a short string of encrypted numbers – too few to provide enough detail for the original print to be reconstructed.

How secure is the stored data?
The iDStore database is protected by a licence key, meaning that the database and any backup of its contents can only be accessed on licensed hardware. The hardware is stored in the school’s own secure facility, so that the encrypted data is only available to the registered licensee. Even if a school’s security were to be compromised and a backup of the database stolen, the encrypted data would still be unreadable, even by another school.


If you have any further queries please email

Thank you

The canteen is delivering a reduced service at lunchtime only. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your childs LUNCH account in Parentpay to pay for any meals taken.

A selection of food is available on a daily basis in the canteen, please see below for the weeks menus.


GRAB & GO / LUNCH MENU                                            

MAIN MEAL                                                           £1.90

MAIN MEAL & PUDDING                                      £2.30

VEGETARIAN MEAL                                             £1.90

VEGETARIAN MEAL & PUDDING                        £2.30

PANINI                                                                   £1.85

PANINI & PUDDING                                              £2.30

HALF PANINI                                                         £0.98

PASTA KING & SAUCE                                         £1.96

PASTA KING & PUDDING                                     £2.30

RICE & SAUCE POTS                                           £1.90

GRAB & GO                                                           £1.90

GRAB & GO WITH PUDDING                               £2.30

TOPPED WEDGES                                               £1.03

BAGUETTE & PUDDING                                      £2.30

SANDWHICH & PUDDING                                   £2.30

BAGUETTE                                                           £1.80

SANDWICH                                                           £1.70

CORNISH PASTY                                                 £1.44

CHICKEN SLICE                                                   £1.44

HOT WRAPS                                                         £1.90

PITTA PIZZA                                                         £1.13

PIZZA SLICE                                                         £1.13

GARLIC BREAD                                                    £0.52

OMELETTE                                                           £1.55

JACKET POTATO                                                 £1.44

JACKET POTATO & TOPPINGS                          £1.65

SOUP & SANDWICH DEAL                                  £1.99

SOUP & ROLL                                                       £1.30

2nd March 2020