Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Every pupil has different dietary requirements, and may have allergies towards certain food ingredients. For any concerns regarding allergen advice, please contact Dominique Heal at and these will be recorded.

We also ask the pupil to be diligent, and to speak to a member of our catering team if they are wary about an allergen in any of our food.

As well as letting our catering team know, parents/carers are asked to also keep the school informed of any updates on a student's dietary requirements throughout their time in Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School.

Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your childs LUNCH account in ParentPay to pay for any meals taken.


We use Biometric technology in our canteen where pupils present their finger to a pad which is then matched with a unique digital signature held in the database and their LUNCH account is charged.


To combat COVID-19, we have a sanitising hand station at the entrance to the kitchen for use by pupils, a screen between staff taking payment and pupils plus wipes next to the biometric reader.


Pupils must be opted - IN to use the biometric system, we require written consent from the parent/carer on the form below   

Please complete and return to the Finance Office.


Pupils who have not been opted in will continue to use the ID card reader.


If you have any further queries please email

Thank you