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GSCE Options and Pathways Preparation: Key Dates and Visitors


1.  Rachel Hopwood: Deputy headteacher Kings Of Wessex Academy: Y9 Options Assembly

2.  Georgie Durbin: Weston College: post 16 Pathways Assembly


 2 new Elective Careers and Employability Visits for year 8


1. Weston College Skilled Trades Centre: Thurs 22nd Feb - Apprenticeship Focus

2. Cannington College Farm: Tues 27th Feb - Agriculture and Land Based Studies Focus



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Our most recent Gatsby Benchmark review

Current Events & Dates:






On Friday 9th November, as part of our Health and Wellbeing challenge day, pupils in Y7 were given the opportunity to learn valuable skills in First Aid.  Shane, from Reflex First Aid training came in to instruct the pupils on how to identify risks and how to keep themselves safe when giving first aid.  Pupils were also given a wide range of 'hands on' opportunities to develop skills in CPR, bandaging and the recovery position.  Its great to have local independent training providers to support our pupils development




On Monday 15th May, we had a special visit from Police Constable Webber, PSCO Bonell and the mounted division of Avon and Somerset Police who was here talk with pupils about the roles and responsibilities of the mounted police.  They fielded questions pupils might have about how they might train to become an officer in a mounted police unit.  We were really looking forward to having the very beautiful and talented horses on show on our school fields over the lunchtime period.  Access was controlled, but pupils were free to approach the horses and their officers and talk freely.  For pupils who love equine pursuits, it was a wonderful opportunity to find out about a career path that combines their passion with a very important public service




On Monday 22nd May, KS2 pupils were treated to a special opportunity to learn more about the field of comedy and entertainment.  Pupils watched a 'kid-friendly' stand-up comedy show by Phil Read.  Phil performs on the comedy circuit as well as at family holiday resorts.  

Phil shared how he got into comedy and how he has managed to make a career of something he always enjoyed; even when people tried to discourage him, saying he wouldn't make it.  There were be a question and answer session where pupils can find out more about the industry and what it might take to earn a successful living as a comedian in the entertainment


Friday 3rd Februrary

Ben Smith - 401 Foundation

Ben, who ran 401 marathon in 401 days to raise awareness and money for anti-bullying charities and now leads a Foundation aimed to support mental health, will be joining us at Hugh Sexey.  

Ben is coming in to speak with pupils, about how to face and overcome challenges in a positive way.  This links with our CDI framework question 'HOw can I learn from disappointment and what can I do when my main plan doesnt work out? (CDI Manage Careers)


To find out more about Ben and the 401 Foundation, go to




Green Careers Week runs from the 7-12 Nov - click the links to find out more about Careers in Sustainability 

Sustainability Quiz: How much do you know about sustainability?


Green Apprenticeships:  Click the link to watch the video



WB 10/10: Pupils in Year 8 to complete Career Pilot Values survey - find out what values underpin your future aspirations


WB 10/10 New Release: Animated from Hub of the South West Careers Office informing KS3 pupils and their families about key routes into education and employment post GSCE - Routes after GCSE


Kings of Wessex Academy Careers Fair - Thurs 10th November open to pupils and families 15.15 to 18.30

Recent Events:

Fri 10th November: Challenge Day

Mental health and Wellbeing: Skills for Life and Work

Developing Metacognition and resilience skills (Y7&Y8)

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Careers Leader Contact information:

Mrs R Adair

Assistant Headteacher


Link Governor for Careers Education

Mrs Sue Moreman; Chair of Governors

Enterprise Advisor

Liam Bevington

Wessex Water

Careers Challenge Day July 2023

On Monday 17th July, the whole school took part in an off-timetable Careers and Employability Challenge Day.  Lessons were collapsed and each year group worked on different workshops and activities.  In Year 5, pupils worked in team to develop a new smoothie product.  They focused on the whole process of product design, budgeting, marketing and production.  At the end of the the session today, pupils will vote on the best new smoothie in each class.  I can't wait to taste the winning products tomorrow.  


Year 6 were treated to a special visit from Josie and Ellie from APG Architecture. Pupils were set the brief of designing a new multi-purpose learning pod for our school site.  Pupils learned how to interpret aerial photographs, take measurements, and produce scaled diagrams of their plans. many have chosen unique and sustainable materials from which to construct their buildings.  I am really impressed by the 'green' eco roof.  


KS3 pupils engaged in a rotation of workshops and activities, each looking at different skills or experiences within the world of work and employment.  Thank you to our Careers panel guests who spoke so passionately about their fields and their journeys.  Our panel comprised of Rob Scanlon (Sports Broadcaster), Matt Lloyd (MD of a stage lighting company:3LR Group), Justin Collis (Hanson Aggregates and UK Drone Manager), Tamzin Coles (Clinical Psychologist) and Russel Adams (Systems Engineer Contractor). 


As well as the Careers Panel, KS3 pupils attended workshops from HSBC Banking (thank you Juliette Baker and team) to learn a but more about household budgeting and how we spend our money when online gaming. and EDF Energy (Thank you Phil Riste) to find out more about apprenticeships.


There were a number of other activities led by teaching staff aimed to engage pupils in a wide range of careers and employability skills and help them to start thinking about life after school.  All the activities were aimed to help pupils develop their Top 10 Employability Skills.


Thank you to everyone who helped make today really memorable for our learners




Previous Careers Spotlight



On Monday 17th July (I know it seems a long way off, but it's sneaking up on quickly), pupils will participate in a Careers Challenge Day.  Along with the year leaders, I am starting to put together the itinerary of events.  Last year, we held our first Careers panel event for Year 8.  We would like to repeat this event again, this time opening the opportunity to both Y7 & Y8.  I would like to invite parents and carers who are interested in being part of the panel presentation to complete the attached MS Forms to express their interest.  We are looking for people from all fields of professional, trade and self-employment to be involved.  Presenters would need to be passionate and knowledgeable about their field and understand the skills and training required for success, as well as have confidence in speaking in front of an audience in the Hall.  Presenters would be asked to produce a short PowerPoint (template for the slide would be provided) presentation to accompany their talk.  Presenters would be asked to talk about (1 slide for each key question):

  1.  What were your aspirations as a child/young person?
  2. What was your route through education and training - how relevant is that experience to what you do now?
  3. What is amazing about your job/career?
  4. what is challenging about your job/career?
  5. How has/is your field changing and what do you think it might be like where our pupils enter the work force?

If you are interested, or know someone in our local community who might, please complete the expression of interest MS Form attached. 


Parent/Career Survey - Careers and Employability Priorities for HSMS

If you didn't have a chance to complete the survey when it was previously posted in our Newsletter, please do take this opportunity to have your say.  Your opinion matters.  We would like to know what you, as parents and carers, think the priorities for Careers and Employability Education should be for pupils here at HSMS.  Thank you for taking the time to respond