Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Boys Basketball- Years 7 & 8


A number of boys from year 7 and 8 made the short journey to Kings of Wessex School to play basketball against Fairlands year 8 team. Basketball has proved to be popular with a number of the students and the fixture gave an opportunity for the players to experience playing on a full sized court against different opposition. The team started strongly. Harley Wilkinson proved to be very proficient at gaining offensive and defensive rebounds and this set the platform from which the team could attack and defend. The two Jacobs, Nelson and Westbrook, gave the team energy and tenacity and they did an excellent job of fronting the zonal defensive strategy. Hugh Sexey scored a number of quick breaks in the first quarter. Harvey Godwin was often on the end of the quick breaks and he got an impressive amount of points in this fixture. Basketball is one of the ultimate team sports as every player must contribute to attack and defense in equal measure. Mitchel Simpson was a tribute to this and had a fine game. He was good at rebounding and showed excellent ball skills and blocking ability. Morgan Roberts had a strong game at power forward and hit shots under the post and from distance.

Overall it was a very positive experience for the players and something they will hopefully continue to enjoy and develop in. Thanks to Fairlands and Ms Tyson for agreeing to the game. We look forward to meeting up with you again next week.

Thanks also to Kings of Wessex for the use of the sports hall.