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Clive Pig tells stories.

Clive Pig


Year 5 were treated to a wonderful day of storytelling and legendary characters created out of thin air by the talented Mr Clive Pig. This tied in very closely to our current Literacy topic of Beowulf - one of the classic legends that has been told over the ages!

He was very enthusiastic  - with great expression, especially when he was Sir Brangwen, the swaggering, spittle-spraying Lord of the Manor. Here is one of the glowing reviews from the Yasmin, 5OM...


Clive Pig was very funny, I especially liked the legend of the unicorn. All the legends were really funny and easy to listen to. My favourite part in the unicorn legend is when Sir Brangwen asked one of his slaves to follow the little girl. He kept on saying "Yes, Sir Brangwen." He said it so many times, it was funny!

And another from Ale, 5NR.....

My thoughts of Clive Pig:

I loved Clive Pig's stories, they were so interesting. My favourite was the eel story when it acted as a belt. I also liked the big, funny character, which was from the unicorn story. I also liked the story about the little boy who ate the dragon's pearl and turned into a dragon. When he went into the sky he made 27 cracks and today there is a river that has 27 bends in. It was really cool because I thought I was there and he brought it to Hugh Sexey School. 


Towards the end, he played the drum, each side made a different sound. It looked really old and ripped but that made it cooler!! 

Thank you for bringing your stories to life.