Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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HSMS Remembers

On Friday 10th November Hugh Sexey Middle School Remembered!  Remembrance Day has become a very special day here at our school.  It has become a time for children to create memories, and develop an understanding of the sacrifice made by our armed forces in protecting our freedom and our safety.

The children began the day with an informative and moving assembly on the theme "They Live On".  The assembly was followed by a service of reflection on our school playground, where children from each tutor group were called to lay a wreath at the foot of our school cenotaph; each wreath represented a different battle fought in the Great War.  The wreath laying was accompanied by some wonderful violin music played expertly by Poppy McGhee, 8JNB. 

The cadets paraded our WW1 banner around the cenotaph, and were joined by the Royal British Legion standard bearers. We were also honoured to welcome retired service man and women from the Mark, Wedmore and Cheddar branch of the Royal British Legion