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School Swimming Galas

Well done to all involved in the swimming gala's that took place over 2 weeks.


The year 5 gala was a great event, with damp weather not spoiling the mood. 5 records were set, with Ben Carter breaking a long standing record in the breaststroke with a time of 20.58. Ben had a day to remember. He put in some outstanding performances in the medley races and set another school record in the butterfly with a time of 16.73. Edie Pargeter also had a productive gala, and she set a record in the butterfly with a time of 19.40. Further records were set in the 2 length breaststroke with Katie Radford getting 51.03 and Finley Halford piping Ben Carter with a time of 45.72. There were strong performances throughout the day with Sophie Bott and Joshua Easton both swimming very well and it was great to see all of the students enter into the spirit of the event.

1st - Celts, 2nd - Normans, 3rd - Saxons, 4th - Vikings


The year 6 gala was a close run event with only 6 points separating 1st and 4th place. There were some strong performances from Daisy Franks, Millie Pargeter and Aaron Cocking, and it was pleasing to see that the bad weather did not have an impact on the performances. It was also a delight to see so many of the year group involved and I hope they continue to enjoy the sport of swimming.

1st - Saxons, 2nd - Celts, 3rd - Vikings, 4th - Normans

In the year 7 event we were treated to a thrilling climax. With Vikings snatching victory at the last race. There were some wonderful individual performances with Chloe Bott, Harriet Griffiths and Hannah Carter all swimming well. The boys races were all very close with Jacob Ayres and Sergio Wadley living up to their reputation.

1st - Vikings 2nd - Celts, 3rd - Normans, 4th - Saxons


The year 8 gala provided a perfect opportunity for the able and enthusiastic swimmers to have once last chance at representing their houses. Jack Badman, Johnny Callow and Courtney Chick all had very busy afternoons as the sole representatives from their house. All of the swimmers made an excellent contribution. Lydia Menear had an excellent afternoon setting a new record in the 2 length butterfly with a time of 38.15 and breaking a long standing record in the 4 length front crawl event with a time of 1.06.73. Austin Peters also set a new record in the 2 length butterfly with a time of 39.36.

1st - Vikings, 2nd - Normans, 3rd - Celts, 4th - Saxons


Many thanks to all of the students involved who helped contribute to the events. Thanks also to the teachers and staff for their support throughout the galas.