Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Year 3 Multi Skills Festival

Many thanks to all the first schools for attending the year 3 multi skills events. The sport leaders ran the event and once again showed themselves to be trustworthy and compassionate leaders. There was a range of events being run, with football, hockey, rugby and relay running part of the programme. The first schools were mixed together so they could experience working with other people, and the sport leaders did a terrific job of keeping them enthused throughout.
As is to be expected in the middle of March, the weather did threaten to spoil the day. With damp surfaces and black clouds on the horizon there was always a chance that the event would have to be cancelled. Thankfully the weather was kind, and all of the boys and girls got the chance to enjoy themselves.
Many thanks to Mr Waterfield for arranging the event; we all wish him well in his recovery.  It is a tribute to the sport leaders that they were so organised, even in his absence. Extended thanks must go to the sport leaders, who once again showed themselves to be fine ambassadors for Hugh Sexey Middle School.