Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Year 5 House Matches

Well done to the Normans and Vikings who emerged as winners in their first House rugby competition at Hugh Sexey.
The early morning pitch inspection was done with some trepidation. A frost had settled over night and the bitterly cold weather gave the impression that the event may have to be cancelled. Thankfully the sun rose over Wedmore and by 10.15 it was a perfect morning for rugby.
The Normans were the winners in a closely contested contact competition, getting 2 wins and a draw and narrowly beating an impressive Saxons team in the process. Jamie was often on hand to chop down the attackers and in one passage he made an effective tackle during each phase. I was very pleased with the number of phases that were put together. This suggests to me that the players have made great strides in their tackle technique but also shows a presence of mind that the ball carrier knows when and where to offload or hold onto the ball. George was a menace throughout and really got involved, especially around the ruck area. As the games progressed he established a better grasp of the off side laws and managed to select when to apply pressure. Charlie, Ewart and Michael added pace and cunning to the Normans team and the two Wills gave a real ball carrying threat. Finley was a constant threat with the ball and one of his mazy runs almost resulted in an excellent individual score but the defence managed to scramble back. Austin performed with distinction for the Saxons. He carried with purpose, showed excellent defence and looked to encourage and involve the other players. The whole morning was full of lovely examples of sportsmanship. Players from opposing sides helped each other and showed concern if a player was injured; before one important game a Saxon helped tie a Normans shoe lace, and in a very close game Thomas told a referee that his foot had gone into touch moments before he scored what would have been a crucial try. It is times like this that you appreciate what a lovely environment we are part of and how sport can represent so many different facets of life. 
Many thanks must be given to the sport leaders who were excellent throughout and to Mr May who took the tag competition and looked to be having as much fun as the pupils. Thanks also to the teachers and support staff who helped throughout.