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Year 7 Boys' Rugby - House Matches

The year 7 boys inter house competition was always going to be a close encounter. With so many of the boys playing rugby, it was pleasing to see a proportionate spread throughout the houses. With a number of skilful and experienced players also opting to take part in the tag competition the standard throughout was very high and enjoyable to watch. The Celts had a well balanced side with Kenny Poole and Tom Drummond offering hard direct running and good handling skills, this allowed the outside backs like Jacob Aberdeen and Tom Bean ample to space to run at. The Celts got off to a flying start against the Normans who battled bravely throughout but perhaps were missing the number of options that the other houses had at their disposal. The players certainly did their best with Oliver Evans and Charlie Rant always offering themselves as ball carries in heavy traffic. Ben Turrell and Oliver Richards helped guide the backs but when Joel Tudor suffered an injury the Normans lost a potent attacking weapon. The surprise package for the Normans was Robert Smith who played with a real intensity throughout and was really prepared to get involved from the off. Another team that got off to a good start were the Saxons. The team had attacking quality running through it with Sam Callow, Ben Crook, George Harris and Luc Griffiths all showing their skills. Stephen Tancock also performed strongly for the Saxons in the tag competition and he has picked up the game very quickly. The Vikings were crowned the eventual winners and this was as much to do with their tag side as it was the boys who played in the contact group. With Will Creaser in the team it was inevitable that the side would be organised and difficult to beat. The Vikings had some strong and solid players in the team who were more than happy to do the dirty jobs like clearing rucks and carrying into traffic. This was typified by Toby Marshall who has been on top of his game all term. Alex Scott also looked very dangerous every time he had possession. However, the Vikings could not have done it were it not for the excellent performance of the tag group. This was typified by Jack State who worked so hard to motivate the players. He did a superb job of this and got some excellent performances out of the players. Roman Eames was one player who really stepped up and he enjoyed the competition immensely.

Well done to all of the Houses involved.