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Year 8 netball vs Wells Blue

Match Report Hugh Sexey year eight versus Wells Blue at home.

Tuesday 1st March 

The year eight girls are working very hard on their netball and this was an opportunity for some of our girls to represent their school for the first time. 

Wells only brought one team so we played a triangular fixture, which meant more of our pupils were able to play. 

The rain just about kept away so we were able to play a decent match of 40 minutes. 

The B team started and although a little apprehensive they soon got into their stride. 

There was some excellent midfield play, even though the WA from Wells was a tall strong player. Isla was tenacious as GD and was awarded player of the match by the opposition. 

The A team then caught up. Olivia , as GS , was able to shoot well and caught up from 5-0 to 5-4. Taylor was fast as Centre and the support from the onlookers was most encouraging , despite the cold conditions. 

After a very close fourth quarter, the final score was 10-9 to Wells Blue. 

Well done. This was a very enjoyable and positive experience for all of the year eight players.