Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Year 8 Sports Awards

It was really lovely to gather our year 8 sports group together and share memories and give out awards and certificates in celebration of their sporting achievements. They have been a delight to teach, coach and support and we wish them all the very best and hope that many more sporting successes  and memories will be achieved. They have been a credit to the school and it is a real honour to work with them and watch them grow and develop. Not every pupil got an award but I hope they take great pride in the memories made at Hugh Sexey.
Grace received the girls outstanding cup. She has been a constant source of energy in PE and games and she has helped bring out the best in others. She has been ever present at clubs and continues to grow as a sports person. Grace also is very generous in the time she offers to the lower school and the first schools in her role as a sports leader.
Josh was the recipient of the boys Outstanding cup. Josh has been ever present in a number of sporting teams. Showing real promise in rugby, football and athletics. Josh has continued to push himself each year and he is so dedicated to being the best he can possibly be. He has one of the most impressive mindsets to learning and he couples that with an excellent repertoire of skills. On top of that he has been a wonderful ambassador for the school. Offering to help with multiple junior events and always carrying himself and conducting himself in a positive manner.
The Gareth Waterfield Cup was awarded to Harry. Harry has been a remarkable ambassador for Hugh Sexey. Playing in a number of teams and always conducting himself in the correct way. He has been an excellent captain of the school team and represented North Somerset in football after a number of strong performances each year. He adores competing against the best players and he is able to share his passion with our younger community. He has given so much to Hugh Sexey and we have been very fortunate to have him.