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Year 8s Visit Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Bristol

Bristol Buddhist Centre Trip September 2017



On Tuesday the 26th of Semptember 2017, I had the pleasure of taking 39 Year 8 students on a visit to the Amitabha Buddhist Centre in Bristol. The day began with a warm welcome from Lamchen, an ordained Budhist Nun. The pupils were divided into two groups. One group went with Lamchen to learn all about what it is like, and what it involves, to be a modern day British Buddhist. We all found this talk enlightening and interesting.


At the end of the session, the pupils were able to ask Lamchen lots of questions to add to, and reinforce, what they had already learned in class. We also had the oportunity to learn about some of the various depictions and statues of Buddhas in the "Protector Room".


In the next session (led by a Buddhist Lay person) the children learnt to control their breathing to enable them to meditate. They were also able to have a go at meditating for themselves which we all found to be a relaxing and fulfilliing experience.


After lunch in the prayer garden we  had time to go back into the centre and make some sketches of the wonderful sculptures housed there, before heading home.