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3 Cone Agility Challenge - school record breakers.

The PE department agreed that we would have an agility challenge for the pupils to compete for the school record, and the winning times would go with our bleep test and cross country records.
We held tutor group challenges in the PE lessons and the winning boy and girl from each tutor group in Years 7 and 8 then went through to the finals. Congratulations to those who got through to the finals, it was a closely contested event and the timings were so close!  There were some very quick times; it will be a good while before anyone can break these records.
The winners are now school record holders: 
Year 7 - Bonnie 7JB - 8.19 Secs and Michael 7KS - 8.11 Secs
Year 8 - Sophia 8RM - 8.33 Secs and Will 8SK -  8.07 Secs