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6MJ write for a real purpose

As part of a writing for a real purpose project, 6MJ have written letters complaining about the amount of single-use plastics being used in the Y6 SATs process. They chose who they wanted to write to: Damien Hinds, Secretary of State for Education; Una Stubbs, CEO of STA; Prince Charles, as he is a avid supporter of the environment or James Heappey, our local MP.
They have so far received a reply from the the DfE and each pupil who wrote to HRH The Prince of Wales received an individual reply from his secretary, containing a photograph and showing that each letter had been read by him.  The children were very excited to receive personally addressed envelopes with the Prince of Wales crest on them and the letter on Clarence House headed paper.
Mrs Jarrett also received a letter as the class teacher.