Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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A Thorne in their side



Hugh Sexey went to Crispin to play two games of the Mid Somerset cup. The first game was against Crispin and it proved to be a nail biting encounter. The first 5 minutes was a case of both players finding their feet. The ball was frequently pumped back and forth with little thought of playing constructive football. At times it looked more like an Aussie rules match as the ball was hammered high into the sky. The defenders and goal keepers had to be on red alert and both sides nearly conceded goals from this unplanned tactic. it took an acrobatic save from Kaden for Hugh Sexey and a number of fine reads from Crispin to ensure that the scores were level. Eventually both teams started to find their way

. When Dennis entered the fray he brought a little more control through the middle and Dylan showed real assurance throughout. Instead of smashing the ball up field he looked to release his wider defenders or play the easy ball to Hugo, who has grown in his midfield role. Hugh Sexey started to assume control of possession and territory but just could not get a gaol. The Crispin keeper was on fine form, but we were also guilty of trying to walk the ball into the net rather than shot on sight. Agisnt the run of play Crispin got a goal after a rare lapse in concentration.

The instructions at half time were simple. Commit more players forward and shoot when the opportunity is there. Hugh Sexey certainly took this into account with Nathan, Dennis and Ellis all constantly threatening the Crispin goal. Alex had a rasping drive tipped over the bar as we poured forward time and time again. Sadly we just could not get the ball in the net and Crispin got the win. Final score 1-0 to Crispin.