Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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A Virtual Tour of Parliament

On Wednesday afternoon, the pupils were engaged in a virtual tour of Parliament as part of the learning about the feature and function of our democratic political system to enhance their Citizenship studies.  Morgan and Damien were our live, virtual tour guides from the Parliament Education Office, and they provided a really informative narrative to accompany a 'street-view-type' journey throughout the Houses of Parliament.  Pupils and their teachers used the chat function in Teams to ask lots of amazing questions, and even suggested that Mr Tatterton should become Lord Tatterton!  One of the best questions asked was 'what is the craziest law ever made.  The answer - that the largest Sturgeon fish caught must be shown to the King!  We look forward to an in-school visit from the Parliament Outreach team in January who will be working with Y6 on a workshop called 'Campaign for Change'.