Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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All Years Netball vs Fairlands

A lovely afternoon of good quality netball versus Fairlands Middle School. 
Year five 
The year fives got off to a great start and played in their first competitive match. There was some very accurate shooting from Sophie and Fion. Captained by squad leader , Sydney the team worked hard to win 12-0 
Year six 
The team have been training hard on a Tuesday night with Mrs. Scott. Their commitment proved useful and captained by Grace the team also won 12-0 . 
Year seven 
Captained by Mary the year sevens played an interesting game which was rather fast and a little bit scary at times. It was good to see their defence skills working with a very strong performance by Esther playing GK. The final score was 5- 2 to Hugh Sexeys. 
Year eight 
A very promising performance by both teams which bodes well for the future year 9  team at Kings. Their experience showed and it was nice for the younger pupils to watch such a good demonstration of skill. Mia shot very accurately and Isobel kept the game under control playing as WA. Final score 12-5 to Hugh Sexey . 
Many thanks in particular to Mrs. Evans for transporting so many Fairlands pupils over. Also to Mr. McGrath and Mrs. Trinnick for their support and help with umpiring and pupil safety.