Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Book Fair raises over £900

We were thrilled to host another Hugh Sexey Book Fair this week to coincide with World Book Day.  Pupils and staff from all year groups and classes were able to visit the fair in their guided reading lessons, as well as during break and lunch times.  Popular titles this time were:  Hidden Gems, a wonderful box book which included information about precious stones as well as including 4 actual stones; Sabotage on the Solar Express by M. G. Leonard, an intriguing mystery about a runaway train in the Australian Outback and F2 Ultimate Footballer, a wonderful non-fiction book filled with up to date information about players and the game.


Overall we raised a total of £928.89 which will allow the school to purchase many new books as part of the rewards system we have with Travelling Books, the company who provide the book fair.  Huge thanks to all the parents, pupils and staff who supported the fair this year.  It makes a big difference to the resources in the library.