Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Boy's Tennis

Well done to the boy's tennis team, who played with real spirit in a defeat by Millfield at Hugh Sexey. It was the first time we had hosted a tennis fixture in the LTA and the 5-8 seeded boys played very well against well coached opposition. Number 5 seed Lewis R played very well in his game against a tricky, belligerent and skilful opponent. The Millfield played just having more variety with his range of shots to force crucial errors. Number 7 seed Henry R put in a strong showing against a sprightly opponent. The Spanish player from Millfield was a delightful baseline player and the two all action styles made for a thrilling spectacle. Henry had to work very hard as he was frequently moved around the court by the experienced and skilful Millfield student.

Robert F had a power packed game against an imposing serve/volley opponent. The Player from Hong Kong had a monstrous serve and Robert did a sterling job of keeping the game competitive throughout. The Head of tennis at Millfield prep remarked that her players were performing well above themselves as a result of the challenge put forward by the Hugh Sexey boys. James F played very well throughout. He has potential in this sport and with more practice could pose a serious threat.

In the doubles matches the boys all performed well but the Millfield players were more drilled in their positioning and greater experience allowed them to communicate more effectively.

Overall it was a great experience for the players and will hopefully lead to more tennis fixtures.