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Celts fundraising update


The Celts recently held a very successful fundraising week, raising £592.56. Half has been sent to CLIC Sargent and half to Neve's Journey. We received the following message in thanks:



Many Thanks to everyone involved in the Celts cake sale and mufti day which raised an amazing £296.28 for Clic Sargent (a charity which supports young people with cancer) and £296.28 to Neve's Journey. Neve is 15 years old and is bravely battling leukaemia. The money raised will contribute towards purchasing a 'cooling vest' for Neve as she struggles to regulate her temperature. If you would like to keep up to date with Neve's progress you can follow her on'sjourney. Your cakes and contributions are greatly appreciated and will make a difference to young people coping with these challenges.