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Chance to Compete Cricket

Commiserations to the Girls Under 13s Cricket team, who lost by one 1 to Fairlands in the Chance to Compete Super 8s. With Chilton Trinity unable to raise a side it was a one game affair with both sides performing well. Izzy C had a strong day with the bat scoring 7, and Megan R put in a solid showing on her first game for the school. Many thanks for filling in at the last minute. The shortened game does require the players to be a little more ambitious in their approach and ultimately we did not do that until the 6th over.


It looked as though we may have been able to hold onto the game with a fine bowling order from Ella H and Milly T, but the Fairlands entering bats woman hit a stunning 4 to seal the game with 1 bowl remaining.


Congratulation to Fairlands and thanks for attending. Best of luck in the next round.