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Cross Counrty race @ Palace Fields, Wells

A team of 11 runners from Years 5 and 6 took part in the third race of the Mendip Junior Schools Cross Country League 2022/23.


The challenging course was on the side of a hill at Palace Fields in Wells.  


All of our runners who achieved a top 20 finish continue to improve their performance with every race; Bethany (7th), Louis (5th), Henry (7th) and Stanley (14th).


Joe also continues to make big gains in his performance with each race.  There was a great debut too from Harriet.


As well as a great effort from all our runners, credit and appreciation goes to their parents who either attended the race or came to Wells to pick them up after our minibus broke down (since found to be a faulty battery).


With two races still to come, our boys team have strengthened their claim for a top 3 place which is very impressive out of 26 competing schools.