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DT Secondary Engineer Leaders Award


During the last academic school year a group of Year 7 pupils took part in the South West Secondary Engineer Leaders Award. As part of the Leaders Award pupils were asked to answer the question ‘If you were an engineer what would you do?’ Pupils had to draw a design to solve a problem within their home, local community or the wider world. Pupils spent several weeks engaging with engineers from industry discussing their ideas and identifying ways in which it could be developed before formulating the final idea.

Congratulations to all the pupils that participated because they have all been awarded a minimum grade of a Merit. The engineers stated they were absolutely astounded with the quality of the inventions produced by pupils this year. This is a fantastic achievement!

Extra special congratulations go to George Bishop in 8SK and William Manning in 8KA for being awarded Distinction – shortlisted which means their work will now be put on display at an Exhibition to be held at the University of the West of England during the summer term of 2021. George invented an electric cheese grater which demonstrated excellent knowledge of mechanical engineering and William invented a small earpiece that would allow the wearer to translate any spoken language into another language of their choice. The device would support business travellers and tourists without the need to consult phrase books. William demonstrated excellent knowledge of electrical engineering.