Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Good News & Achievement


Pupil:  Izzy

Tutor Group: Year 6

Event/Activity:  Clive Pig, storytelling & drama workshop


On the 12 and 13 of January we were visited by Clive Pig, an amazing story teller to tell us stories about the Mayan life.  He told us about how the Mayans thought the world came to be, and then he told us about two twins who played a Mayan game called Pok-ta-Pok.  The last story of the day was about a singing toad who lived by a well.  My personal favourite was the toad story.


The next day we did a workshop in the drama studio where we had to act out facts about the Mayans, he told us how they lived and that the babies had a piece of wood on their forehead for a year so their forehead was level with their nose.


At the end of the day he told us a story about a chocolate boy.  I really enjoyed listening to Clive Pig.


Written by:  Izzy