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Event/Activity: Yr 3 & 4 Gymnastics Event


There was a great buzz at this event.  Each First School had been asked to bring along 10 children to the “Gymnastics Experience”.  The idea was to give the younger children a taster of what to expect in both PE lessons and gymnastics club.  20 of the Hugh Sexey gym club were acting as young leaders, mainly from year five and six but two of our year eight leaders also helped.  A special mention to Emily Mugford in year eight who has helped in the gym club since year five.

After an introduction by Mr Waterfield, in charge of sports festivals, the children (90) enjoyed a fun warm up – a Hugh Sexey favourite called the “Bean” game.  Miss Lacy led a very flexible stretch and the children were then separated into five groups: ropes, floor, balance, trampolining and vaults.  Experiencing 10 minutes on each activity, followed by a few brave gymnasts demonstrating their skill, each child enjoyed all their new experience.  Parents watched and teachers encouraged.  A very rewarding evening and hopefully sparked a new interest in an ever increasing sport.


Written by:  Mrs Allen