Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Hockey- HSMS vs Wells Blue

Greatly anticipated hockey match between two rivals. 

Great effort was put in by both teams on Tuesday evening. 

Team A ,captained by Willow, were on fire with an early goal. The flame was soon put out by 2 great Wells Blue goals, with a great come back from HughSexeys scoring the next 3 goals by Eliza,and Olivia. Kelley did a fantastic job as goalkeeper. Sophia,Breu,Lulu, Isla, and Willow were amazing team players. Go team A! 

Team B ,captained by Lily. The first half of the match both teams put up a great fight,being on point with defence not letting goals in. At this point, it was anyones match. Half time was a much needed break. Things were about to change! Wells Blue were reinvigorated and whizzed past Hugh Sexey's defence to score. Hugh Sexey's were reignited . Move over Wells. 

3 goals whistled into their net by Poppy and Grace. Victory for Hugh Sexey's. Team B smashed it with the help of Pippa, Luna, Tabby, Lily and Scarlett. 

Team A - won 4-2 

Team B won 4-1. 


Match report by Willow and Lulu year eight.