Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Hockey - Year eight girls v Staff

This was a new event which turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable.
The year eight girls regularly attend club on a Wednesday. Many members of staff turned up despite their very busy schedules.
There were a few ex pupils who also showed up. Grace White daughter of Mrs. White in the maths department and Alex Scott who is currently in year nine.
Mr. McKinley was padded up and was a great asset in goal for the year eight team. The match got off to an early start and Mr.Drew was dominant playing in centre midfield. There were some strong attempts at goal by Mr.Mcgrath and Mr.May .
It was comforting to have the experience of Mrs.White and strong defence from the year five and six team.
Only one goal passed the keeper and the score was 1-0.
The year eight girls battled well- Chloe and Winnie in defence and Natasha and Jemima attacking . Grace White transferred to the year eight team and the play switched.
Well done to all players.