Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

House Rugby Matches

Year 5 Rugby

The year 5s put in an excellent performance on what was the first of many House Competitions. Vikings got maximum points from the competition, completing wins against all of the sides. Harry and Finley were in top form throughout. There were some stand out mazy runs but what was really impressive was how they tried to bring others in to the game with their passing. As the games progressed players started to follow Freddie, Dougie and Woody's example and positioned themselves deeper behind the ball carrier to provide options. Caspian showed some excellent touches when he got the ball. Taking the ball straight to the line with the ball in two hands and distributing well. All of the games were closely contested and all the players can take great pride in how they played. The Saxons got 30 points for their House finishing in 2nd place. Toby, Luke, Ben, Chase and Reggie put in some standout performances for their House. The Saxons really came into their own when they worked the ball wide into space and sought to use all of their players and work as a team. The Celts claimed 3rd place and the Normans secured 10 points for their House with a 4th place finish. 

The boys should take great pride from their efforts. I look forward to seeing an improvement in their skill and the collective understanding of how to accept defeat and be gracious in victory. 


Year 6 Rugby

Well done to the Celts who emerged victorious in a tightly contested House competition. Teddy impressed throughout, as did Daniel, Joseph, William and Frasier.  The Celts played their best rugby when they worked the ball wide and didn't rely solely on the boys who already play rugby regularly. Saxons played with spirit throughout and ended up runners up. George, Freddie, Henry and Alfie put in commanding performances and really tried to incorporate a whole team approach. Vikings got 20 points and the Normans 10. Well done all involved. Overall the game was played in a great spirit.


Year 7 Rugby

It was great to welcome back some full contact rugby into the school House Matches after an enforced break from 2020. The year 7s who opted for this revelled in the opportunity to ruck, maul and tackle against opposing players and good friends. The Celts and Normans did not have enough for full sides so combined to make a team. Captained by the impressive Freddie, they pushed every side really close and played some of the best rugby. For the Vikings, Tristain, Toby and Austin gave everything and inspired those around them. In the end the Saxons were the winners. Their team involved a lot of boys who have played for the School in Logan, Blake, Louis, Jack, Taylor, Oliver and Rowan. These boys didn't disappoint and helped bring the best out of the others. 

The tag rugby was equally engaging. After some great games the Normans took first place, followed by the Saxons in second place and the Vikings in third.

Well done to all involved. It was a great competition.


Year 8 Rugby

We tried to reintroduce full contact rugby for the year 8s and the first week brought a close fought game between the Celts and a Norman/Saxon/Vikings combined team. The other Houses put up a great challenge with Ben giving everything and Zak desperately unlucky not to score after a beautiful run. However, a team that contained Charlie, Charlie, Aston, Alex, Henry and Jacob to name but a few was always going to be tough opposition. Aston and Henry's defence was fearless at times and on another day the Combined team could of grabbed victory.

There was some lovely rugby in the tag competition. Vikings took top spot, followed by Saxons, Normans and Celts.