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HSMS Commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY Students at HSMS have commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day this week by creating a Holocaust Memorial flame display. Students spent some in Collective Worship looking at the story of 13 year old Susanne Kenton, who was one of 10,000 children who were part of the Kindertransport programme. We learned about how Sir Nicholas Winton and others helped to organise thousands of trains out of Europe, saving countless lives from the actions of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Students discussed how we can work together to make sure that discrimination doesn't happen in the future and how we can learn from events in the past. Each student created a square with their reflections, and these were put together to create our flame. The flame will be displayed in the library over the next week, so that students will have the opportunity to see what each year group has contributed. For more information on Holocaust Memorial Day, which takes place on Saturday 27th January, please visit the Holocaust Memorial trust website. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY TRUST (HMD.ORG.UK)