Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Jolaurabi School, Kenya

Hugh Sexey Middle School is pleased to be developing a relationship with a charity funded school, Jolaurabi School, in Kenya. Last summer term, the English and Maths departments were able to donate old, disused textbooks and dictionaries to this school.  Children attending this school are very poor, and the only way for them to gain an education is through the sponsorship of the 'Educate the Kids' charity.  The school has electricity only intermittently, teaching resources are unbelievably scarecrow, however, the pupils are so keen and proud to learn.
Over Easter holiday, Megan Rees (6KC) and her sister Bethan (now at Kings of Wessex), together with their family, travelled to Kenya to work with the children and teachers at Jolaurabi school.  Megan returned with letters of thanks and gratitude from three of the pupils.  I hope you enjoy reading them.
The choir from Jolaurabi School will be travelling to the UK next autumn to perform their new concert, 'I Smile'. They will be visiting us on Friday 14 October and our pupils will be treated to a beautiful concert of traditional Kenyan music and dance. We will aim to undertake charity events in the new school year to help support our friends and demonstrate the spirit of Christian charity valued by our Hugh Sexey CofE Middle School community.
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