Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

KS3 Sports Day

Well done to all of the students involved in the keystage 3 sports days. The events were split into two afternoons. One focused on field events and collaborative group games. The other day had track events and fun activities such as sack races and ball skill games. All of the students contributed to an excellent atmosphere with notable performances by Cameron Carmichael, Jacob Loveridge, Charlotte Watson and Sassy Carrington. As always records were at stake, and Lewis Hembrow McKinley came desperately close to beating the high jump and 100 meters long standing records. With famous alumni such as Gibbs, Butler and Fox it is understandable why records are not frequently broken, this made Grace White's achievement all the more impressive. Grace broke Natasha Gowan's long standing (2002) record of 1:14.9 in the 400 m with a time of 1:13.10. A fantastic achievement.

When all of the keystage 3 results were tallied the Celts were the winners, closely followed by the Normans, Saxons and Vikings.

Many thanks for all the staff, students and parents who contributed to two lovely afternoons.