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KS3 Tennis Team's Debut

Well done to Sam Relf, Tom Spinks, George Nuttycombe and Jake Gillions who helped form the Keystage 3 tennis team that travelled to Taunton prep school. Tennis is a popular sport within the community with a number of our students being coached outside of school. With this in mind, and the opportunity to participate in further sports a team was entered into the boys year 7/8 tennis competition ran by the LTA. The team was selected after a trial, but it is hoped that the Wedmore coach Craig Phillips will come in with the view to helping to develop our aspiring players.
Considering the relatively limited amount of preparation time all of the boys performed well against the Taunton top seeds. It was often just the inability to finish of close points that meant that Taunton won the games. George Nuttycombe performed very well against a skilful opponent and started brightly by winning the first game and then losing the second after deuce. Sam Relf showed some clever touches as did Jake Gillions. Both against experienced opponents. Number 1 seed Tom Spinks was up against a very able opponent and they enjoyed a good contest. A number of times Tom used a good range of shots to move the player around the court. Ultimately it came down to the experience of being able to play out the crucial points. I believe that with more exposure to the sport the players will develop this attribute. After the singles matches George and Tom and Sam and Jake combined to make two strong doubles pairs.
Congratulations and thanks to Taunton who emerged as winners in all of the games. The next game is a home game against Taunton B, with Wedmore tennis club kindly offering to host us.