Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May.

Next week is mental health awareness week. The theme this year is nature. Please take some time to explore its surroundings and connect with the wider world. This link has some excellent ideas and resources you may wish to explore. It would be great if pupils could share their experiences with form tutors.
The three areas to address are:
Experiencing nature -By taking the time to recognise and grow a connection with nature. Take a moment to notice and celebrate nature in your daily lives.
Sharing nature - By taking photos, videos or sound recordings and sharing the connections you've made during the week to inspire others. The Hugh Sexey community can join the discussion on how we're connecting with nature by using the hashtag #ConnectWithNature #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
Talking about nature - Discuss in families, friendship groups and communities how you can help encourage people to find new ways to connect with nature in your local area.