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Normandy Blog

French Trip Update - nous sommes arrivés!
After a 4am start and a choppy crossing to Portsmouth, our 75 children from year 7 arrived at La Grand' Ferme yesterday afternoon. They spent the evening settling into the rooms, having a tour of the site and meeting the staff, before sharing a meal, including clearing and cleaning the tables themselves! Today we took part in activities: bread-making, archery and orienteering, where the children are having to concentrate hard to make sure they follow all of the French instructions! After a rainy, windy start, the sunshine came out mid-morning… long may it last!



Normandy update - midweek at Mont St. Michel
With picnics on their backs and spare socks packed, year 7 set off for a day at Mont St. Michel. We had a guided tour around the ramparts (built to protect the monastery from the English), then the children spent some time exploring the streets and shops, before following in the footsteps of olden day pilgrims and walking out across the bay. Our guides led us safely on a five mile barefoot trek through the sands,  and we arrived home tired and very much in need of a wash! So it's bonne nuit, ready for an early breakfast tomorrow…



Un Marché et deux Musées
The first challenge of the day was for pupils to buy their own lunch in the market at Condé sur Noireau - we saw purchases of ham, cheese, crepes and many many strawberries! The afternoon took us from one extreme of history to another, starting from the Bayeux Tapestry and then moving to the D-day landing museum at Arromanches. We came home to our French evening, where pupils had the chance to try snails before dressing in French outfits for a fashion show.