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Police Notice: please be aware


From Wedmore tennis club

I write to inform you of an incident which occurred at the Tennis Club on Sunday afternoon. Two young girls were playing tennis alone, when they became aware that they were being watched by a young man in a dark hoody, who was hidden in the bushes. The two girls were frightened and ran home, they were followed part of the way home by this person.

The Police have been informed of this incident and have told me that they intend to increase patrols in the area, particularly at school leaving time. The Police also told me that they will notify the First School of this incident.

The message I have been asked to pass on to parents, children and adult members, is for caution and increased vigilance - if anyone is seen acting suspiciously the Police should be informed immediately. The Police do not wish us to alarm people, but there is an obvious need for all parents and their children to be aware of what has happened. I believe that it is up to every parent to decide how they wish to arrange supervision of their children on the way to the courts and whilst they are playing Tennis, particularly if they will be playing alone at the Courts.

I am sorry that this worrying situation has arisen, we will remain in contact with the Police and I will contact you again if any further information or advice is forthcoming.