Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Reformation at Wells Cathedral.


As part of their studies on Reformation, year 7 had the opportunity to visit Wells Cathedral and explore how  the Cathedral was affected by religious change throughout the 16th Century.  Students had a guided tour through the Cathedral where they were able to see first-hand how the Cathedral had to adapt following Henry VIII’s Break with Rome and the religious changes of the subsequent Tudor monarchs. Students were also able to get hands-on with history through two fantastic workshops. In the library students compared a Latin manuscript with an English printed Bible, as well as having an opportunity to see the chained books of the library. Students also had an opportunity to visit the Cathedral archives and see how the records reflect the religious change they had studied in class. Students had many fantastic questions about how the documents are kept safe and the role of an archivist as a career. Finally, students were able to get creative and make their own leather- bound chained book and illuminate a page with their first initial. Year 7 conducted themselves well throughout the whole trip and asked many fantastic questions, showing the depth of their knowledge and understanding of the Reformation.