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Reformation & Dissolution -Year 7 Visit Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey

 On Monday (17th June), a group of year 7 pupils traveled to Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey to learn about the reasons for and impact of the religious changes associated with the Reformation and the Dissolution of the Monasteries.  After a tour of the Cathedral and an opportunity to inspect a pre and post Reformation Bible, the pupils tacked a challenging source-work activity where they worked with the original transcript of the document that sold off one of the Cathedrals chapels.  The pupils found out not only about the reason for the sale but also the conditions under which the transactions was made.
 We then travelled to Glastonbury Abbey when the pupils participated in a costumes re-enactment of how the “religious rollercoaster” of the Tudor period would have affect the monks and pilgrims during the time.  They proudly wore their costumes and really got into character and the spirit of the drama. The girls even took to song in the Abbot’s kitchen to test out the acoustics in the very fancy building.  The pupils will now be encouraged to share their experience with others in the classes, helping to really bring their classroom learning to life.